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After Revolution now it’s time for Fashion Reinvention, be a part of it!

LABO ETHNIK PARIS is back and better than ever.

Known as a pioneer for young and intercultural fashion talents promotion, well at least I think so and I spoke to thousands fashion experts and lovers for year’s !

For a decade it was all about fashion revolution. Now it is time for Fashion Reinvention and London Fashion Week is the best place to start new opportunities.

LIFT Paris launch its new concept for a LONDON SPECIAL edition from February 19-21, 2017 at the Green Rooms Art Hotel during London Fashion Week.

What makes it even better than ever? No focus on a big fashion show.

We heard you as a Fashion Expert and Lover and we want to make it easier than ever for you to have business meetings and purchase products from amazing Fashion Designers in a dedicated space. Be inspired, take time for fair commercial deals.

I personally invite you to discover our selection of 20 Fashion Designers and pick up new insights.

All you have to do is to walk in as it’s a free entrance show-room and pop up, find the best look and see what Fashion Reinvention is going to bring you.

Promote diversity and ethnical fashion. Change directions, explore and buy something unique. It is all up to you!

Fashion Lover, Founder of Labo Ethnik  Paris since 2006

Infos :

Green Room Art Hôtel
13 -27 station road,
London N22-6UW
Station: Wood Green
19 -20-21 février 2017
10h00 à 20h00 – Entrée libre

Contact :

instagram :laboethnik
Fb :@laboethnik
Twitter :labo_fashion